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About Matt Leavitt

Business Coach

Matt has been helping entrepreneurs grow their top line revenues since 1985! 

Matt Leavitt – My Story

Matt Leavitt has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. He started as a kid, wiping windshields at his father’s gas station. He quickly learned that he genuinely enjoyed asking customers, “How can I help you?” From there, he started his own lawn care company and at 14 hired his first employee. But Matt’s ever-competitive mindset and desire to challenge himself meant that he didn’t stop there; he’s been a business-owner with an entrepreneurial spirit ever since.

Over the years, Matt has been an independent Contractor, Franchise Operator, Small Business owner, Solopreneur, Consultant to start-ups, small businesses, sales people entrepreneurs, CEO’s and many other areas.  His is a story of dogged work ethic and a passion for making the world a better place.

Along the way, he has relied upon a well-established network of contacts, each of whom has been integral to his success and ability to carve out new relationships, Ideas and  ventures. 

Watching others struggle to get their arms around growing revenues, he found himself involved with those going into business and creating something from the ground up.  As a result, he is fabulously keen on what it takes to create, sustain and advance topline, offering advice  to those he comes to know and like.

Matt’s life work has led to the development of a resource and coaching platform designed with you in mind.  Anyone or any business that wants to grow revenues stands to prosper from Matt’s authentic, experiential knowledge of what it takes to create cashflow and move it to a viable, profitable business.  He truly wants to see you succeed, and lends his expertise and insight to help make your vision come to life.  True, authentic business coaching exists in Matt Leavitt! Join one of his many courses and receive  free, live discovery session with Matt.

“Matt helped me add $33,000 to my business in weeks!”

– Allison W. Small Business Owner


The HEX will simplify your life!  Knowing the ingredients to creating a business that establishes and grows revenues is the biggest battle in business. Not having the proper formula leads to the the #1 area businesses fail…lack of adequate cash flow to get it off the ground or sustain any kind of real growth.

The HEX gives you those ingredients that are  simple to learn and  implement. Helping you discover the tools you already possess.   Grow your topline Now!  Join our community of business owners that are achieving success with The HEX


Matt Leavitt offers education and coaching services in an online delivery format in daily, modular and subscription services to help micropreneurs establish themselves and their businesses, and to grow and be successful through sales, marketing and effective presentation and communication.


Matt offers several online courses to help clients grow top line revenues.


Endless Leads

Learn specific tools and tactics, from starter scripts to worksheets and exercises to help you take a step back from the day-to-day and really think strategically about your business goals and what it will take to achieve them.


Making Sales Work For You

People love to buy, they just don’t like to be sold to. In this course, Matt will help you develop a customized sales process that works for you, your unique personality and social style!


Prospecting, Your Way

Prospecting is the #1 thing that salespeople and business owners struggle with. 42% of sales reps say that prospecting is the most challenging stage of the entire sales process. Learn how to approach prospecting in way that works for you!



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